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QAL 0.4.0 is out!

So, development is moving forward nicely and will be thoroughly tested, and probably pick up the pace further later on as QAL is an important component of Optimal BPM

Anyway; this time, it it mostly with regards to datasets and merge functionality.

Important new features:
* Add support for importing data without specifying keys
* Automatically create non-existing destination tables.
* Add support for writing to new files.
* Add support for regular expression-transformation
* Add support for writing to .xls and .xlsx files using openpyxml and xlwt
* Add post-merge-sql; an SQL that is run in SQL backends after commit.
* Add support for substitution variables(::identity::, ::uuid::, ::username::, ::curr_datetime::)
* Columns/fields without a source reference is now allowed

And of course, there has been many a bug fixed.

Posted by Zig 2014-10-29 Labels: QAL

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