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The project has slowed down quite a bit, since i have been in school. Rest assured it's not dead though. As soon as i can allocate some time, i will start ADDING to some of this code.

Posted by Polywog 2000-06-30

Printers now supported

Added the final (finalized) module. Which basically means that i have completely converted the schema from the old system to the new one. And now am totally caught up with a non-core-dumping version of admintool ... with lots of cleaned up code.

To the end user, it looks no different than before i started beefing up production two weeks ago.

Posted by Polywog 2000-03-25

Users, Groups, Hosts work

The current cvs source tree has the implimentation for users, groups and hosts, so that you can use both the menu bar and also double click on the item. I'll release another file upate when i get the printer object working in the same manner.

Posted by Polywog 2000-03-24

Schema Update

Ok, i remodeled the schema. So far so good... Had to change the schema around for how the dialogs were created and handled by the application. Originally, i had the main window create the various dialogs necessary for the altering of detail data. Now I am changing it (due to
memory faults) so that each view controls its respective dialog box.

The menu will emit it's usual browse, and browse mode signals. They will still be attached to the main window widget (gadmintool) slot functions (GATModify, etc) but now instead of calling the detail edit, the main widget will emit a MODIFY signal that will be caught by the views. The views will then exec the detail editing dialog box(es) whose scope will be the duration of the member function called. The detail dialog box will be modal so that the program execution enters a local event loop. When the dialog returns, main program event loop will continue.... read more

Posted by Polywog 2000-03-20

First Announcement

Basically when i first started putzing around with Solaris, I noticed
that they had a cool tool called admintool. I was like, hey, this is cool.
I wish i had something like that for linux. So i started writing it over
a year ago. Since then i have been busy with school and other projects like
QWOR ( http://storm.jmc.tju.edu/qwor )Qt Widget and Object Repository).
So developement stopped.

BUT! I started using it the other day when i had to teach some clubie at
work how to add users under linux. Then feel in love with it again. So
after a six month hiatus, i am starting it up again. Now with QT2 fucking
everything up it ought to be interesting to see if i can make this go
or rather `play' nicely with Qt V2.... read more

Posted by Polywog 2000-03-20