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Q3 Cell Shading Version 1.0

Release 1.0: After a month since the initial preview release, we've solved many (many) bugs, added a second cel shading technique, and now we have a new developer, Bob (who also helps the linux releases).

Version 1.0 is released immediately for Linux x86, Mac OS X PowerPC and Windows (source code available too!). Check the screenshots in the new home page, and give it a try, this project has improved enough that we all think it's a new engine ;-)... read more

Posted by Guillermo Miranda 2006-07-31

Status and OS X version

Yesterday we got over 400 downloads! We're planning a new release, with another cell shading technique (check the home page). In fact, it was the first one we developed, you may like it.

We are announcing the availability of the Mac OS X version, we almost forgot to release it :P
You know the drill: place the extracted file in the q3arena folder.

Posted by Guillermo Miranda 2006-07-06

Cell Shading: Initial Release

Hello everyone,
We've just published the first public version of our project. Quake III Cell Shading only needs a valid, patched, q3arena installation and no special hardware!

There are minor bugs, but you should give it a try.

Posted by Guillermo Miranda 2006-07-03