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Quake 3 Arena Console Log Parser / News: Recent posts

Version 1.1 out

Version 1.1 of the parsing application is released. This version still uses 1.1 of the UT2 package. But also vastly improves the use of the core application. See for more information.

Posted by Michael Jervis 2002-05-23

XML Bug & Display App

The regular expression for the SR-8 Kill line was fuxored in the release of Q3AStats, which means <b>NO</b> SR-8 Kills or deaths have been tracked. Which of course sucks major ass. All them K's wasted, my stats would look like ass with them in there.
So there is a new UT2.jar to be dropped into the lib folder going into the site now.
Also, now checked into CVS and available here:
<a href=""></a> is a nice PHP renderer for your stats. Colour's fonts etc can be easily controlled via style.php. Enjoy.

Posted by Michael Jervis 2002-05-15

Source and Binary 1.0 Release

1.0 Release of q3astats made in source and binary. You need JRE 1.4 to run the binary, and JDK 1.4 to build the source, with Jakarta ANT.

To run the app:
java -jar Q3AStats.jar playername logpath\qconsole.log

Posted by Michael Jervis 2002-04-30