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Windows binary for qchat 0.3

Windows binary for qchat 0.3 is available now. There are two versions of arhives: with or without qt 4.3 dlls.

Posted by Ower 2008-05-01

QChat 0.3 released

-added basic server mode functionality(it may be unstable and buggy. DO NOT send large files in server mode)
-added ip-list serverless mode
-added data compression option
-added RTF support
-added animated smiles support
-added possibility of configuring shortcuts
-added message filtration
-added option to configure users list appearance
-added option for logging of chats(--logdir option in command line)
-changed protocol
-improved single messages support
-some other little improvements and options
-some bug fixes
-a lot of new bugs

Posted by Ower 2008-04-25

Serbian translation of QChat

Available Serbian translation of QChat made by
Alen Keri:

Posted by Ower 2007-11-24

German translation of QChat

Available German translation of QChat made by
Karsten Brockmann:

Posted by Ower 2007-11-21

Spanish translation of QChat

Available Spanish translation of QChat made by Salas Jose Luis:

Posted by Ower 2007-11-17

QChat 0.2.2 Released

- fixed incorrect behavior in Users List and User Statistics View
- fixed incorrect time stamps in messages which was received such messages history(inaccuracy now is 0-1 s)
- fixed some other bugs
- a little bit decreased network traffic using
- network settings now determining automatically and chekicng stored values for correctness when loading settings
- remembering sizes of Channels and User Statistics View
- Single Messages History(you can reply on private message even if occasionally closed it)
- Users List refresh mechanism a little bit changed for more accurate refreshing
- improved mechanism of changing status and status description
- included Polish translation... read more

Posted by Ower 2007-10-14

Windows installer for QChat 0.2.1

Windows installer for QChat 0.2.1 now available

Posted by Ower 2007-09-18

Polish translation for QChat 0.2.1

Now available polish translation of QChat, made by Adrian Lubik.

Posted by Ower 2007-09-16

QChat 0.2.1 released

-fixed some bugs
-added some options to configure already existing features
-new field in UserInfo: gender
-added users statistics(uptime, username, gender, etc) summary(it appears when you make width of usersList >= 50% of chat window)

Posted by Ower 2007-09-14

QChat 0.2 - first public release

QChat features:
-sending messages :)
-creating channels except of 'Main'
-privat chat
-privat single messages
-transferring file
-user information and user profiles
-smiles support(kopete's format supported)
-smiles on receiver's side looking same as on sender's side even if different smile themes used
-receiving messages history when connect to new channel from users already chatting in this channel

Posted by Ower 2007-08-26

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