<p><a href=''><b>pyxser-1.0rc1</b></a> is here!. I've finished the preliminary work on pyxser, now it have a solid stability and have no memory leaks, running up to 1,400,000 pyxser operations without crashing. The current <i>ChangeLog</i> for this release is as follows:</p>

1.0rc1 (2009.04.26):

Daniel Molina Wegener &lt;dmw arroba coder dot cl&gt;
* Added both byte string and unicode returning and procesing
functions. This means that we have serialize(),
serialize_c14n(), serialize_c14n_strict(), unserialize(),
validate() and validate_c14n() functions for byte strings
and u_serialize(), u_serialize_c14n(), u_serialize_c14n_strict(),
u_unserialize(), u_validate() and u_validate_c14n() for
unicode strings.
* Removed memory leaks, now it runs over 1400000 pyxser
operations without crashing (100000 cicles testing every
* Removed bugs concerning reference counting that was
crashing when trying to access unserialized objects attributes.
* This is an approach to a production environment release ;)

<p>Now it also supports both byte string and unicode strings on output and procesing with the proper documentation for both function sets. You can read more about <b>pyxser</b> on the <a href=''>pyxser web page</a>. Thanks for testing and enjoy ;).</p>

Posted by Daniel Molina Wegener 2009-04-27

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