Thanks Peter. That's an excellent blog post.

John Weng is working on our Python 3.x port (using Python 3.3), and has our test suite running with no errors. He's now working on migrating our Pyramid webapps over the coming weeks. After that's done we'll send all our Python code to production, using the git-next branch of PyXB. We'll let you know if we have any issues, but we've had surprisingly few so far.

Thanks again for your work on this.


On 28 February 2014 09:09, Peter Bigot <> wrote:
See for the details.  This eliminates the 2to3 script, using a shared source for all versions of Python.  The python3 branches of the git repository won't be updated and will eventually be removed.

Any problems you report now are much less likely to be present in the 1.3.0 release.  I have no imminent plans to create that release, though.


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