#5 Disabling drawing ticks


This patch esentially switches two lines in the
painter.regular.paint() function so as to make it
possible to disable drawing ticks by setting
tickattrs=None in the class' constructor (as advised in
the documentation). It makes Python check whether
tickattrs is None before merging it with


  • Andre Wobst

    Andre Wobst - 2005-09-12

    Logged In: YES

    Well, you also need the None-check as it was, since it is possible, that a
    select creates a None (for example, you can remove subticks, but keep
    ticks by an changeable attribute returning None for certain selects). I've
    checked in an appropriate patch. Thanks for your report.

    The changable attributes really need some rework, cleanup and better
    integration in the whole PyX framework. The first think would be to write
    down what features this system currently has and what features are
    needed. I just need to work that out ...

  • Wojciech Smigaj

    Wojciech Smigaj - 2005-09-12

    Logged In: YES

    Well, I wasn't aware of the existence of "selects" ;-) --
    there's no mention of them in the docs. After grepping
    through the code I've acquired some idea of what they are.
    Thanks for your quick response and, most of all, for your
    work on PyX -- the program is exactly what I had been
    looking for :-).


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