Thanks for your continued work on PyX! Much appreciated.


On Jul 14, 2013 2:12 PM, "Joerg Lehmann" <> wrote:
Dear PyX users,

We just finished a couple of days of hacking on porting PyX to
Python 3.3. The results of this effort are available in a separate
branch, which you can checkout from


All of our tests and examples (with one small exception) run, but there
will for sure be corner cases we have not covered. So if you're
interested in a PyX version compatible with Python 3, give it a try and
report problems and bugs.

Note that the next PyX release, which be plan to make in autumn, will
require at least Python 3.3! The alternative of supporting Python 2.7
and Python 3.3 in parallel is too cumbersome for us and we believe
anyway that it is about time to move forward. For all who cannot
follow us (yet), the current 0.12.1 release of PyX should work well for
the next years.


        André and Jörg

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