I'm not using graphs specifically, I just mean to flip the y orientation of general rendering to a canvas.


On Sat, May 11, 2013 at 3:34 PM, André Wobst <wobsta@users.sourceforge.net> wrote:
Hi Hans,

You can use the reverse flag of the axis, see http://pyx.sourceforge.net/manual/axis.html#graph.axis.axis.linear, or fix the axis range manually and set max to be smaller than min (which sounds a little crazy, but it perfectly does the trick as well).

HTH, André

Am 11.05.2013 um 21:55 schrieb Hans L:

> Hello, I am new to using PyX and was wondering if it is possible to invert the Y axis so the top left of page is 0,0 and the y value increases as you go towards the bottom of the page?
> I experimented with passing a trafo to the canvas constructor:
> trafo.trafo(matrix=((1, 0), (0, -1)), vector=(0, canvasheight))
> This seems to work ok for graphics, but then of course all text is upside down.
> I tried applying a similar y flipping transformation to the textattrs to upright it again, but it did not seem to do anything.
> Is there any simple solution to this?
> Thanks,
> Hans
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