Hi everyone,

áI'm trying to draw confidence bands around some model data-points that I have and I think the tutorials that I've read so far that paint areas below curves are not what I'm looking for (e.g.,áhttp://pyx.sourceforge.net/gallery/graphs/integral.html), because in order to paint areas between curves with those methods (i.e., by the method suggested in this same mailist here:áhttp://osdir.com/ml/python.pyx.users/2008-07/msg00002.html), the trick is to paint white below the second curve.

áBasically in my code I have three vectors, model, model_down and model_up. The idea is to plot the confidence bands between the curves model_down and model_up (which represent my confidence bads) and plot model as datapoints on top: do you have any idea on how to do this?