Hi everyone,

 I just detected some kind of problem when inverting axes while plotting data with errobars. If I try reversing the y-axis by either setting the reverse flag to 1  or by changing the minimum and maximum ranges, the error I get is the same:

    raise ValueError("inverse range")
 ValueError: inverse range

 Is there any way to fix this? Here is some code so you can reproduce the problem:

from pylab import *
from pyx import *

x = arange(10)
y = arange(10)
yerr = ones(10)
#### PLOT OPTIONS ######
unit.set(xscale = 1.5)
legend_text_size = -1
min_x = 0.0#000.
max_x = 10.0#0.
xaxis = r'Xaxis'
yaxis = r'Yaxis'
legend_pos = 'tr'
# Plot only phased with LS:
c = canvas.canvas()
g = c.insert(graph.graphxy(height=8,width=20, key=graph.key.key(pos=legend_pos,vinside=0,columns=2,textattrs=[text.size(legend_text_size)]),\
       x = graph.axis.linear(min=min_x,max=max_x,title = xaxis),\
       y = graph.axis.linear(min=max_y,max=min_y,reverse=1,title = yaxis)))

g.plot(graph.data.values(x=x, y=y, dy=yerr, title='Data'),\
       styles = [graph.style.symbol(graph.style.symbol.circle,size=0.2,\
       symbolattrs=[deco.filled,deco.stroked([color.rgb.black]),color.rgb.red]), \


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