Hello PyX-Users,

can anybody tell me how to use various user-specified
colors for comparing bar graphs? (cf. the "compare" example
at http://pyx.sourceforge.net/examples/bargraphs/index.html)

PyX-0.8.1 wouldn't accept handing multiple colors as
parameters to graph.style.bar(...). Inserting another
graph.style.bar(...) command between both graph.data.file(...)
commands was also refused.

Here's the code with just one user-specified color for both bars.

from pyx import *

a = graph.axis.nestedbar(title="x-axis")
g = graph.graphxy(width=10, x=a, height=None,
     y=graph.axis.linear(title="y-axis", min=0, max=10))

g.plot([graph.data.file("data.txt", xname=0, y=2),
        graph.data.file("data.txt", xname=0, y=3)],
        [graph.style.bar([color.rgb(0.7, 0.3, 0.5)])]


Any suggestions how to color both bars user-specifically?