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From: "Phillip J. Eby" <>
Date: April 22, 2008 1:47:45 PM MDT
To: Michael Hearne <>,
Subject: Re: [Distutils] easy_install error

At 12:34 PM 4/22/2008 -0600, Michael Hearne wrote:
I just tried to install the egg for Pyx, and got the error pasted below.  I've contacted the mailing list for that project, and they seem to be unsure of where they can put shared data for their egg.

Eggs do not have shared data -- they only have runtime-accessible data, because they're not a distribution format in the way that system packages are.

However, the problem in this case is that PyX isn't using any of the standard distutils ways to install these files.  If they were using the standard install_data command, the data would at least be shipped inside the egg.

If they were using the package_data facility, however (which available in Python 2.4 and up), they would be able to include the files inside their package (and thus the egg) and be able to access them using either __file__-relative paths or the pkg_resources API.

Any of these approaches would work, and unless they need to support Python 2.3, would probably be easier to use than their current method of creating a file.  Their would then not need to include any custom distutils commands, as it does now.

(And such a change would not require any reliance on setuptools, either.)

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