I'm in a rush for a publication and I must adjust some things on a graph that I created using PyX-0.8.1

Here is the code :

import sys
sys.path.insert(0, "/home/carl/Bureau/PyX-0.8.1")

from pyx import *


mynestedbaraxis = graph.axis.bar(defaultsubaxis=graph.axis.bar(dist=0))

g = graph.graphxy(width=10, x=mynestedbaraxis,
    y=graph.axis.lin(min=0, max=13, title="Number of SAGE tags"),
    y2=graph.axis.lin(min=0, max=1000000, title="Number of copies/$\mu$g of total RNA"),

g.plot([graph.data.list([["F", 12], ["LF", 2], ["HF", 1]], xname=1, y=2),
        graph.data.list([["F", 960607], ["LF", 886140], ["HF", 675088]], xname=1, y2=2)],
       [graph.style.barpos(fromvalue=0, subnames = ["S", "Q"]), graph.style.bar(barattrs=[color.palette.ReverseGray])])

g.text(g.width/2, g.height + 0.5, "Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2Q (putative) 2",
       [text.halign.center, text.valign.bottom])


I need to do two things. First, the rendered axis must be round numbers. I must avoid things like 12.5.
Second, I need to add error bars on each of the bars to represent the standard error of mean.
I have no idea on how to do these things.
Can someone help?