Great news! I just tried changeset:3016 and the problem is fixed.  Thanks for your timely help and for taking the effort to keep PyX up and running smoothly.


André Wobst wrote:

Am 17.12.2009 um 22:19 schrieb Clayton E. Myers:
You probably already noticed, but this error is different from the one Wojciech posted because his fails at the TeX expression \documentclass{article}, while mine fails at the expression \end{document}.  Also, my problem happens during the PDF/EPS write call.  If I don't call the write function, the Python code will execute (though I won't get any PDF output for obvious reasons).

Just a note: yes, that's perfectly fine. PyX runs LaTeX in background without starting it again all the time, but keeping it open for processing multiple text commands. You encounter a problem when checking for proper termination of LaTeX, which happens to be delayed until we really need to collect the output from LaTeX.




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