Hi all, just discovered this awesome tool. I've tried to use it to generate some graphs and have found that its parser cannot cope with the font inclusion messages reported by the MinionPro fonts. They look like:
so I've modified the regular expression inside class _texmessageloaddef (file text.py) that now looks like:
pattern = re.compile(r"\([\"]?(?P<filename>(?:(?:(?<!\")[^\(\)\s\n\"]+)|(?:(?<=\")[^\(\)\"]+))(\.fd|\.def))[\"]?[\s\n]*(?P<additional>[\(]?[^\(\)]*[\)]?)[\s\n]*\)")
    This RE can cope with these "new" font inclusion messages and also with the old ones. I've checked it (in Windows with MiKTeX) with fonts: cm, mathpazo, tgpagella, lucimatx, fourier & MinionPro with MnSymbol.
    Hope this helps, best regards.