Hello all,

Since I installed the arabic fonts in Debian lenny (package texlive-lang-arab), PyX 0.10 is no longer happy with the psfonts.map: The offending line is

maghribi1 maghribi "OmegaArabicEncoding ReEncodeFont" <aromega.enc < maghribi1.pfb

which results in the waring of dvifile.py, line 396: Unknown token '<'.

Well, the error is easy to correct - it's enough to erase the space "< maghribi1.pfb", PyX being perfectly happy with

maghribi1 maghribi "OmegaArabicEncoding ReEncodeFont" <aromega.enc <maghribi1.pfb

So my question is: is this a PyX error in the parsing of psfonts.map, or an error in the texlive-lang-arab package? I could imagine both: on the one hand, this is the only line in my psfonts.map including this space. On the other hand, only PyX reports this line as erroneous. And I didn't find an official specification of psfonts.map...