I don't understand exactly your problem, but:
A) margin has only an effect, if the page does already a transformation. I think, that only happens, if you
a) specify a paperformat and b) set rotated, centered or fittosize to 1. In all other cases, the margin is simply ignored.

B), page does not do the splitting upon different pages - that is something you have to provide: I think, there are to possibilities:
1) create the sub-canvas'es "c2" of appropriate size
2) use the long canvas "c", and add to the page-constructor the "Bounding Box", which you want to use for this page.

C) The warning "content exceeds the papersize". is only emitted, when the page does some transformation - without centered=1.



On Sat, Jun 7, 2008 at 12:19 PM, R. Bastian <rbastian@free.fr> wrote:
Hello the pyx-list,

I am in trouble with pyx.document.page(...).
The idea is to cut a long canvas 'c' to obtain 'n' (sub-)canvas 'c2'
(which will be the 'n' pages of the final score).

But in the line
page = pyx.document.page(c2, centered=0, margin=1.0, ...etc.)

'margin=1.0' seems to have no effect,
'fittosize=1' puts the score upon one page
'centered=1' issues a warning "content exceeds the papersize".

What is wrong ?

thanks in advance,

R. Bastian

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