#58 Minor tipos in Manual

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While reading the manual, I found some minor errors:

  1. In 3.3 Class normpath, page 14, it reads

"Additionally, the accuracy is used in all normpath calculations can be specified by means of the argument epsilon, which defaults to to 10−5 where units of PostScript points are understood. This default value can be changed using the module function path.set()."

  1. In general, in some of the tables (e.g. 2.3 Attributes: Styles and Decorations, page 9 or 17.1 Class pattern, page 73), the first column is badly formated causing text to be on top of each other. I don't know why this happens.


  • Jörg Lehmann

    Jörg Lehmann - 2013-01-30

    Thanks for reporting this problems. I fixed the typo (and another one in the same sentence). Concerning the formatting, I am not sure how to fix this. At least, I would not know how to specify in the reStructuredText code how wide the columns should be or to allow word breaks.

  • Jorge Leitão

    Jorge Leitão - 2013-02-06

    Another thing in the manual: In the histogram style, (graph.style.histogram), it appears that:

    "In the most general case, a histogram is defined by a range specification (like for an errorbar) in one graph dimension (say, along the x-axis) and a value for the other graph dimension. This allows for the widths of the histogram boxes being variable."

    However, I'm not finding any description of the interface of this feature. Maybe this should be referred in the manual or by an example in examples section.

    Finally: at the time I'm posting errors/bugs/others since at this moment I'm using pyx, and since it is classified as "alpha". At some point I hope to have time to also submit patches about those.


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