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Posted by Martin Ultima 2007-05-20

PyWord 5.0 (dev release) now available!!

A development release of the new PyWord 5.0 has just been made available to the public. (Yes, by popular demand, you can now download all the great new junk.) Among the new features are the following:

- Neat code separation, just as promised.

- Full support for your window manager's native clipboard.

- And believe it or not, an integrated Web browser! Yes, I managed to get a miniature Web browser integrated into everyone's favorite word processor. Please note that this feature is still in development; it is still a quick and dirty hack made just the night before the first release :-)... read more

Posted by Martin Ultima 2005-01-08

PyWord 5.0 is in development

The latest release of PyWord, version 5.0, is now in development. Improvements include support for your operating system's native clipboard instead of the miserable string-buffer system it previously used, as well as the separation of code into separate modules and better integration with various features such as printing support. As of the time this was posted, it is still in development and therefore not available for download, but expect to see it sometime soon (as soon as I can get the rest of it finished).... read more

Posted by Martin Ultima 2005-01-06

Cutting and pasting!!

I inadvertantly found the solution to PyWord's problems with not being able to cut and paste using the real clipboard (it uses an internal string buffer instead). That means that PyWord will soon be able to cut and paste!! Interestingly enough, I found it in a mailing list thread where the guy couldn't get my own [miserably programmed] PyWord routines to work in his own program.

Merry Christmas, and a happy new year!!

Posted by Martin Ultima 2004-12-25

PyWord 4.0 Slackware package!

A Slackware .tgz package version of PyWord is now available. This is a standard Slackware Linux package installable with 'installpkg'; it will place PyWord in /usr/local/share/pyword and create a shell script, /usr/local/bin/pyword, to run it. THIS IS NOT A REGULAR SOURCE PACKAGE, it is a special Slackware package for Slackware Linux and other systems. Get it from Enjoy!

Posted by Martin Ultima 2004-11-02

PyWord 4.0 FINAL now available!

The latest version of the most revolutionary text editor ever is now available. You can download it from PyWord 4.0 has all the changes featured in the Halloween Edition release (minus the Halloween colors), as well as a much-awaited ability to create new files if they don't exist (you can now run ./ ./, for example, to create a new file The interface has been totally redesigned, and the functionality is much improved. Enjoy!

Posted by Martin Ultima 2004-11-02

PyWord 4.0 Halloween release!!

A special "Halloween" release of PyWord 4.0 is now available. (Yes, I've once again inflated the version number - Patrick Volkerding's not half as bad as me ;-) I've practically re-written half the program by now - the interface is nothing like previous versions - but you'll adjust. This isn't the final release, but a beta. Obviously, I couldn't resist the Halloween color scheme... from now on, expect a new release every major holiday!!... read more

Posted by Martin Ultima 2004-10-28

PyWord 3.2 now available!

PyWord 3.2 is here. The only new thing is integration with PWPrint; it's now automatically loaded whenever you start PyWord (no hacking required), and the Print command is now placed underneath the File menu. Enjoy.

Get PyWord -
Get PWPrint -

Posted by Martin Ultima 2004-09-28

HTML Tools 3.1 FINAL now available

The HTML Tools add-on is good enough that it's now on the FRS instead of the PyWord homepage. If you need a simple but powerful HTML editor, get it now from; you can also find more information on what it is and what it does there.

Posted by Martin Ultima 2004-09-28

PWPrint allows PyWord users to print!

Just earlier today, I realized that I could probably use the Linux "lpr" command to print text documents with PyWord. I then realized that Windows had a similar command called "print." So I threw together a little add-on that allows PyWord users to print documents!! PyWord 3.1 users will have to hack their copies of PyWord to install it, but the next version of PyWord will obviously have support built-in (because I NEVER remove support for add-ons ;-) See for details - and read the release notes VERY CAREFULLY before you download, because they actually are important; I have a beta version on the PyWord homepage right now, but the final version will be released through the usual FRS once I've finished testing it on Windows. Enjoy!

Posted by Martin Ultima 2004-09-28

PyWord 3.1, making up for the disappointment of PyWord 3.0

Because PyWord 3.0 was just SO disappointing - I know that most everyone was looking forward to the word processing capabilities - I figured I should make up for it... PyWord 3.1 doesn't have any word processing functionality, but it has a MUCH-improved, 100% skinnable user interface, nicer colors and icons (the charcoal ones really were ugly), and a new plug-in (Source Tools, for programmers hacking at various types of code). Enjoy!... read more

Posted by Martin Ultima 2004-09-23

PyWord 3.0 FINAL now available!!

Yes, it's true!! The long-awaited FINAL version of PyWord 3.0 is here!! Few things added, few things removed... see for the details, or just download it now from Enjoy!

Posted by Martin Ultima 2004-09-17

Important note on installing PyWord

Starting with PyWord 3.0b-dev-08032004, the source archive file (whether .tgz or .zip) will create a new pyword-version subdirectory when you extract it, instead of requiring that you create a directory yourself. Please remember this next time you download and install PyWord, especially on Windows with the PyWord Self-Compiler.

Posted by Martin Ultima 2004-08-03

New development version - PyWord 3.0b-dev-08032004

A new development version of PyWord is now available. Version 3.0b-dev-08032004 is almost identical to the previous 3.0b-dev-07302004, except that it now has the black-and-white icons as backups when the color ones don't work (there seems to be a problem at least on Linux, we are currently trying to figure out what it is). Get it from

Posted by Martin Ultima 2004-08-03

PyWord 3.0b now available!

A development version of PyWord 3.0b has been made available, PyWord 3.0b-dev-07302004. THIS IS NOT THE FINAL RELEASE; it is a release for developers to finish some of the parts that I myself cannot. For more information, please see the PyWord homepage at

Posted by Martin Ultima 2004-07-30

PyWord 3.0b + Pig Latin 3.0a

PyWord 3.0b is going to come soon. Be on the lookout for it! Check the PyWord homepage at for more information on this long-awaited release :-)

Also, the Pig Latin version of PyWord 3.0a is now available after much delay (sorry, I was having problems uploading it before). You can get it from the downloads page.

Posted by Martin Ultima 2004-07-23

New PyWord Self-Compiler for Windows users

The PyWord Self-Compiler is a revolutionary new system for compiling PyWord. It is basically a runtime environment that will allow you to run the source version of PyWord without having Python installed. You just have to download a single 2MB file and then to upgrade, all you need is a new version of the source code! Sounds hard, but it isn't. See the release notes for complete details. The old binary versions will be removed, and no new ones will be made - you'll use the self-compiler instead. Believe me, once you've used it, you WILL appreciate it - especially if you have a dial-up connection, like I used to :-)... read more

Posted by Martin Ultima 2004-06-15

PyWord 3.0a - Coming soon!

The first alpha version of the biggest version of PyWord is coming out soon. Expect a LOT of changes, including a totally re-designed interface, built-in skinning support, an options dialog, built-in word processing functions, the MimicMS add-on also built in, and more! Expect the final version in a couple months - this is a BIG project. (If you'd like to help us, it would be greatly appreciated!)

Posted by Martin Ultima 2004-06-15

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