I'm just getting started with pywinauto.  The application I need to automate is an olf VB6 application.

I'm playing with it to try to get a feel for how it will work with pywinauto.  In particular, I'm trying to control a dialog with a combo box in it.  The class I get for the box is
"ThunderRT6ComboBox ".  The pywinauto object I get for it has all the "All Controls" methods, but none of the ComboBox methods (or any other control-type-specific methods).

I'm guessing that pywinauto doesn't recognize
ThunderRT6ComboBox  as a combo box class.  If this is true, is there a way around it?  I'm willing to dig into the pywinauto source if need be.  If not, is there any other approach I could take to get it going?  (Once I get into it, I suspect I'll run across other "ThunderRT6xxx" classes.)


Don Dwiggins
Advanced Publishing Technology