Hi Andy,

I ported pywinauto internals to 64-bit Python (the problem is in system structures sizes (win32structures.py) which are different for 32-bit and 64-bit client app).

I use my pywinauto modification for running it under 64-bit Python for 64-bit client. But 32-bit Python is still needed for 32-bit clients.
I did not test it for many client apps, but it works probably for all standard controls including context menus & tooltips.

Best regards,

2013/3/22 Andy Chen <ppstay@hotmail.com>

Hi all,


We have been using the 32bit PyWinAuto to test our 32 bit windows clients. Recently we are change to 64bit clients, it seems the tests used to work doesn’t work anymore. It has problem to identify the controls on 64bit clients. Has anyone tried either


1.     Use 32bit PyWinAuto to test 64bit client, or

2.     Compile 64bit PyWinAuto to test 64bit client


Any help would be appreciated.






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