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Did you create one more Application object for the new process you ran? One Application object can search top-level windows in bounds of one process only.
Just use method connect instead of start if it's the case.

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2013/6/14 Spencer Kent <spencer.kent@hp.com>

I'm trying to automate execution of a program that's called from the windows
command prompt. I've been able to open a fresh instance of command prompt no
sweat. When I ask pwinauto to show the possible windows and their associated
text it only gives me one option and it happens to be the command prompt
(u'Administrator: C:\etc...)Yay. I use the exact window title to specify the
window using app.window_(title_re = ....) and it returns a WindowSpecification

The problem is that when I try to print the control identifiers (I instantiate
the windowspecification object as cwin and then call
cwin.print_control_identifiers()), it gives me a WindowNotFoundError. I might
expect a different kind of error like it couldn't find any controls or
something but I don't understand why it can't find the window I just defined.

Could you help me figure out what's going on? I'd really appreciate it :)



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