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1) You can place static label with some meaningful text before your edit box.
     Login: [mylogin]
     Password: [pwd]

Then you can access them with names like LoginEdit and PasswordEdit. The same rule is useful for combo boxes and other "non-text" controls (or with unstable text).

2) app.MainWindow.Wait('ready', timeout=10) Also WaitNot('visible') is useful to control dialog closing.

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2013/3/12 Don Dwiggins <ddwiggins@advpubtech.com>
I'm still exploring pywinauto.  I have a wxPython app that I want to automate, and have been able to get into it to the point that I feel comfortable that I can work it out.  I do have a  couple of questions:
  • The application starts with a top-level logon window (combobox and text controls for username and password).  I notice from looking at the PrintControlIdentifiers output that the text boxes are basically "named" by position (e.g., "Edit2").  Is there a way that I can give them meaningful names in the application that will be visible at this level?

  • Once the logon succeeds, there's a short delay before the main window of the application comes up.  Is there a better way to detect this than a wait loop, testing with Exists?


Don Dwiggins
Advanced Publishing Technology

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