so I cant seem to make this program work...
This program is from my job. Its activated by clicking a link on the internet. Once clicked, a new window opens, not a browser window but a normal application window.
I connect by typing app.connect_(title_re='Advanced')    <-- advanced is the first word of the main window title, and it connects.
My problem is app."Advanced_Customer_Service_Representative.print_control_identifiers() is empty. I have no controls, even though there are several buttons, actually there should be alot of controls.
The main page has a bunch of menu items, but .MenuSelect('File') returns : There is no menu.
If I open a subwindow in the main window, then the title of the main window changes to ( Title + - title of sub window), and then the sub window also pops up with just its own title.
swapy is no help. I see the page in swapy but theres no drop down menus for it.
Does pywinauto support these types of web programs opened from javascript or is there another program that does ? (selenium wont because the program is not in a browser...)