pywinauto source repository location

  • Jeff Kowalczyk

    Jeff Kowalczyk - 2010-04-03

    Is there a public repository for pywinauto source code? I don't see any links in the sourceforge interface.

    Jeff Kowalczyk

  • Mark Mc Mahon

    Mark Mc Mahon - 2010-04-04

    Hi Jeff,

    Not clear to me how public it is (though I think you should be able to checkout easily) from

    The web presence of pywinauto is unbelievably scattered :(
    Dead wiki at:
    Partially dead blog at (though I am trying to revive it :)
    Some stuff here on SourceForge
    Some Stuff on OpenQA (just code and forums)

    Things I would like to do if I had the energy:
    a) move to Mercurial
    b) move everything to google code (find it simpler than source forge)
    c) create a google group for the mailing list
    d) be left with 3 sites: (blog, groups, google code site)

    Anyway - that was a long answer to a short question :)


  • Alex Barna

    Alex Barna - 2010-08-06

    Hello, Mark. I have some spare time now and I can help with a), b) and c). I'd like also to contribute some modifications we are using here.

  • Mark Mc Mahon

    Mark Mc Mahon - 2010-08-06


    Moving to Mercurial is easy (I have since done that using hgsubversion plugin for mercurial.
    I have just set up a google project

    I am doing a test conversion right now (then I need to see how to push the cloned SVN repo to Google code).

    It is bed time here - so I will let the hgsubversion checkout continue overnight (still on r1 :) ).

    Before I give check-in privileges to anybody - I would like to accept a patch or two manually first.


  • Mark Mc Mahon

    Mark Mc Mahon - 2010-08-09


    I did it :) I migrated from SVN to Mercurial.

    It took as long as it did - because I wanted to remove a ton of cruft from the history (checked in pyc, dlls etc early on).

    I reduced the repo from 300+ mb down to 1.7 Mb :). That should make for nicer clones :)

    feel free to grab the code from:

    hg clone pywinauto 


  • Anonymous - 2010-10-27


    Where can I find the documentation of pywinauto?
    Previously, there are some good stuff on
    However, I cannot find them anymore….?


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