#102 mdi_pychecker_update.patch


few things didn't work smooth


  • Mark Hammond

    Mark Hammond - 2010-08-25

    I just changed scriptutils.JumpToDocument to return None on error and your recent patch changed it to return the view object on success - so I think the second part of this patch is no longer needed. What is the first part for?

  • kxroberto

    kxroberto - 2010-08-26

    the first part "--only" is just a pychecker default option to test/report errors only of code in the explicitely checked file(s) - reasonable for a pychecker run from IDE, and generally.
    (most python/3rd party *-imported modules (import * from xyz) otherwise cause a lot of less relevant warnings, as only few people use pychecker/pylint. )

    yes, the second part is needless if the other patch was accepted

  • Mark Hammond

    Mark Hammond - 2010-12-18

    Checked in the first part of the patch - thanks!

    Checking in mdi_pychecker.py;
    new revision: 1.6; previous revision: 1.5

  • Mark Hammond

    Mark Hammond - 2010-12-18
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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