#391 PythonService.exe working under Python 2.5.2 but not 2.6

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I have done a PythonService.exe /register

Under Python 2.5.2 (with Stackless) and gone through all the Python script as a service scripts in M.H's book and on the net.

They install and start/stop and remove with no problems when I am using Python 2.5.2 on Windows XP.

When I use Python 2.6 and do a PythonService.exe /register under Python 2.6 I have no errors.

When I then do a service install it installs the service. However when I try to start the service I get the familiar 'red herring' error message that is basically a message saying that the service has not responded in time and could not start.

Using standard windows net start commands on the service name says the service is failing to respond to commands sent to it to start.

Switching back to Python 2.5.2 on the same machine and the same exact python as service scripts load, start, stop, and remove just fine with no errors.

I'm completely stumped on this one. I can not get any python scripts to load and run as services when using Python 2.6


  • Mark Hammond

    Mark Hammond - 2012-01-28
    • status: open --> closed-works-for-me
  • Mark Hammond

    Mark Hammond - 2012-01-28

    I can't reproduce this and many people have success - please reopen this if you are still having problems.


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