#16 Replace.py adds wikia-credits text


Whenever replace.py makes a change to an article, it adds the following text to the very end of the article: <div id="wikia-credits"><br /><br /><small>From [[wikia:c:starwars|Wookieepedia]], a [[wikia:|Wikia]] wiki.</small></div>

You can see a test of this on Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki, here: http://starwars.wikia.com/index.php?title=%22Rachet%22_Gramzee&diff=1780117&oldid=1668014

This seems to be related to a MediaWiki upgrade. I've tried it on both my old version of Pywikipedia, and several of the new snapshots, with the same problem occurring. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


  • Andre Engels

    Andre Engels - 2008-02-03

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    I don't know what to do about it, but I can tell you what the cause is: The cause is that the bot gets its text from [[Special:Export]], and on Wookieepedia this text has been added to all pages on the export page. If you have contact with the people who can change that, you can ask them to change it back or to create a special 'raw' export page for the bot.

  • Daniel Herding

    Daniel Herding - 2008-02-04

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    This is not only a Wookieepedia problem, but also occurs on (probably all) other Wikia wikis, for example on http://aachen.wikia.com/wiki/Spezial:Exportieren/Hauptseite .

    I would also say that this is a Wikia bug and that they should fix it. By the way, haven't we discussed this issue some time before already?

  • Xwing328

    Xwing328 - 2008-02-04

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    OK, thank you for you replies. I will talk to our wikia contact soon to see if they can fix the problem.

    Also, if this has been discussed before, I couldn't find it when I searched through the support and bug pages.

  • Uberfuzzy

    Uberfuzzy - 2008-02-18

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    i was told by staff that this is not a bug.

    when data is exported and taken to other wikis (both internal to wikia and external), this linkback will show where its from.

    the problem is, it also affects every bot page get.

    i patched my wikipedia.py file to auto filter this out.

    down around line 640ish (may move depending on patches)
    there is a line "return self._contents"
    this is the line returning the raw wiki text for other scripts.

    on the line before it add this

    self._contents = re.sub('<div id="wikia-credits">.*</div>', '', self._contents)

    make sure to keep the same indenting, and make sure its done with spaces and not tabs.

  • Xwing328

    Xwing328 - 2008-02-27
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  • Xwing328

    Xwing328 - 2008-02-27

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    Thank you uberfuzzy. Your fix worked!


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