#159 Add capabiliy to remember pages to replace.py


When doing very long semi-automatic replacements, it can happen to kill the bot and to start again. So you have to say "no" again to all non wanted replacements. It is even worse if you're using an xml dump: it can be several weeks old, and it will make you download lot of pages that where ALREADY corrected.

This patch consist in two parts:
1) a patch to replace.py that adds a new parameter, "-exclude", and makes it accept a path to a file which will be used both for:
-> knowing which articles to exclude from substitution
-> logging denied replaces' pages and pages already known to be not needing replacements
2) a patch to pagegenerators.py that adds a generator filter, able to yield only pages not appearing in a given list

The only doubt I have is: should the replace.py log in some other way? xml? wikipedia module's predefined functions? log into a given wikipedia userpage (so that logs can easily be shared)?

As I've done it, it needs to import os and codecs modules... don't know if it's a problem.

Anyway, a patch like this is something really needed, if needed I can try to improve it.


  • Daniel Herding

    Daniel Herding - 2008-01-16

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    We already have something very similar for solve_disambiguation.py. When you run it with the -primary parameter, e.g. on [[en:London]], it saves all page titles where the user pressed 'N' to the 'disambiguations' directory, and skips these pages when you run the same command later.

    It saves the URL-encoded titles into a text files, one title per line, without [[brackets]].

    It would be nice if some code could be shared, although I'm not sure if that's possible (I haven't yet looked at your code, but solve_disambiguation.py is a bit complicated). But we should keep solve_disambiguation's format because there are probably people who want to keep using their logs.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    replace.py already has the option -xmlstart:page when using an xml dump, to skip all entries before "page".

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    closed this patch?

  • xqt

    xqt - 2009-08-13
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  • xqt

    xqt - 2009-08-13


  • xqt

    xqt - 2009-08-13
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