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ZSI-2.1 alpha1

This is an alpha release of ZSI 2.1. Included in this release are WSGI server-side utilities and samples, this allows services to be deployed in a WSGI compliant resource. The samples show how to use python's wsgi module or twisted web2. Also minidom is now used as the default parser because PyXML is no longer supported. There are known issues with minidom, but for most applications it is sufficient.

Posted by Joshua Boverhof 2007-11-01

ZSI-2.0 Released

ZSI 2.0 is released. The zsi docs are up-to-date, and the zsi wsdl2py users guide has been updated with a chapter covering wsdl2dispatch. Several bugs have been fixed since the final release candidate. Thanks to all who took time to contribute bug reports and patches. A ZSI 2.1 alpha release is scheduled later this month, which will provide improved support for soap attachments and soap headers.... read more

Posted by Joshua Boverhof 2007-02-02

ZSI-2.0_rc3 Released

The next release candidate for ZSI 2.0. The zsi docs are up-to-date, although pieces are still missing, and a new zsi wsdl2py users guide is available. The final 2.0 release is planned to happen this year. Details yet to be worked out include ServiceProxy, documentation of newer modules, couple pending feature requests I'm still considering for inclusion are SOAP attachments and SOAP Header features.... read more

Posted by Joshua Boverhof 2006-10-26

ZSI-2.0_rc2 Released

The next release candidate for ZSI 2.0. Mainly consists of bugfixes
from previous RC.

Download options:

- http://cheeseshop.python.org/pypi/ZSI/
- http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=26590&package_id=30660
- easy_install -U ZSI

There are experimental twisted resources included in this release. In
order to build ZSI with these use the following command:

python setup.py build --twisted install

Posted by Charles Moad 2006-03-28

ZSI 2.0_rc1 available

The Zolera SOAP Infrastructure (ZSI), version 2.0_rc1, has been released. The serialize-dom-scheme branch has now been merged into the HEAD of cvs.

Posted by Charles Moad 2006-01-04

ZSI 1.7 available

The Zolera SOAP Infrastructure (ZSI), version 1.7, has been released. This fixes a variety of bugs and improves compatibility with Python 2.3 and newer.

Posted by Fred L. Drake, Jr. 2005-02-16

ZSI 1.4 available

This is the "gold" release of ZSI 1.4. New in this release are several bug fixes and stability patches.

Posted by Christopher Blunck 2003-11-12

ZSI 1.4 RC1 available

ZSI is the plumbing that allows Python modules to communicate via SOAP. New
in this release is the capability to consume a WSDL, and invoke methods against
the endpoint using the ServiceProxy class. This code was generously donated
by Brian Lloyd and the Zope corporation.

Also new in this release is the capability to convert the complex types and
operations defined in a WSDL document into Python modules. This makes
invocation of web services simple.

Posted by Keith Jackson 2003-09-12

ZSI 1.2 RC4 available

A few minor changes required for better SOAP interoperability testing. I hope this will be the last release candidate before 1.2 is available.

Posted by Anonymous 2001-11-20

ZSI 1.2 RC3 Available

ZSI implements web services for Python programmers, both client and servers. This includes SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, etc.

RC3 for ZSI version 1.2 is now available. ZSI is a pure-python implementation of SOAP.

Posted by Anonymous 2001-11-07