Lary Badaj - 2009-09-17

Hello all.

I'm trying to use SOAPpy to create a python web service for my program.

(using last released of SOAPpy)
OS : Gentoo (Linux)

my server files are all located in /opt/program/ directory

my file create the object needed to launch the web service and finished with :

        test = program()
        print "<activation Soap>"
        server = SOAPpy.SOAPServer((IP, PORT))
        print "\n……………… READY ON ", IP, " : ", str(PORT)

in my shell window, i open python and do the following :

    client = SOAPpy.SOAPProxy(IP + ":" + str(PORT))

And when i try it, i got the following messages :

    >>print client.start_prog(param1, param2, param3)
    >>welcome to program.
    >>print client.ask(param1, param2)

So it's finally working

Then, to share my webservice with another person, i was asked to give a WSDL file.

As it seems there is no way to generate WSDL file for python web services, i had to write it by myself.

And to test my WSDL file, i did the following in python command line:

    import SOAPpy
    wsdl_url = ""
    client = SOAPpy.WSDL.Proxy(wsdl_url)

and made the same tests as above and it worked fine.

Then i was told that the webservice wasn't working… So what's going on now ?

using the following :

and same thing with STORM (open source to test wsdl files) :

i tryied to test again my wsdl file and get a code 500 error.

After investigating, it looks like there are some authorization access to the path where the webservice is running…
and didn't manage to solve that.

But i tryed something else :
using a python script (located in cgi-bin folder), and changing my WSDL location attribute to this script now, i managed to read what wsdl was sending and to get the answer back and it's a well formed XML.

And "Storm" returned the right value of my test except that my "content-length" is said to be equal to "-1" (which means Null for the one who is using my wsdl file to access my webservice)

So here is my problem…. how should i arrange all my files to get something working fine, give the wsdl file to anyone who want to use my webservice and let him work with it ?

Any help ?