PyUSB 1.0 alpha 0 released

What's new in PyUSB 1.0.0 (alpha 0)?

This is the first PyUSB 1.0 series public release. This is an alpha release, which
means that most of the features described in the README file and on the website are
not yet stable or even implemented.

Features not implemented

- Full support for legacy 0.4 legacy code (although partial support is provided).
- OpenUSB backend.
- libusb 1.0 windows backend stability (although it is reasonable usable).
- Support for several standard control requests (including GET_STRING).
- Python < 2.6 and Python 3 not yet fully tested.

Known issues

- 'reset' method fails under FreeUSB (libusb 1.0 backend).
- 'reset' method hangs under Windows (libusb 1.0 backend).
- Sometimes occurs `read` timeout on Windows (libusb 1.0 backend).
- Test cases fail to run under cygwin.

Posted by Wander Lairson 2010-04-16

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