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MP3Player released separately

MP3Player is an example included in every SVM distribution since 0.3. It is also released separately in multiple formats, including its SVM source (in .des format) and platform-dependent binaries.

Posted by Thomas Feng 2004-05-05

jSVM Released

jSVM is the Jython implementation of Statechart Virtual Machine. It is available from version 0.23, which provides the same functionality as SVM
Both source code package and .jar release package are available.

Posted by Thomas Feng 2003-04-07

Syntax Highlighting Available

Syntax highlighting files for (X)Emaxs, Vim, jEdit, UltraEdit, ... are available on the project website:

Posted by Thomas Feng 2003-03-19

Statechart Virtual Machine 0.2 Released

As the first step to the ultimate goal -- executable UML, SVM is a powerful simulator environment for statechart models. All the semantic elements of statechart formalism are supported. Extensions are made to simplify the design of complicated models. Examples are provided, including a CD player and a set of data cells (integer, char, ... )

Posted by Thomas Feng 2003-03-15