It's Alive!

  • Bluecat

    Bluecat - 2005-05-08

    Okay, here's the scoop. The PyUI2 project is now officially alive.

    With much prodding and attaching of bolts and wires in the PyUI2 dungeon, I was successfully able to reanimate PyUI2. There is now source code in CVS, a version 0.1 release in the files section, and a simple but incomplete set of web pages up on the home page.

    However, this monster needs much prodding and poking to work out his issues. So please download and install it to your Python site-packages and hammer away. Let me know of any problems you may find.

    Currently there is no documentation available, a situation I hope to rectify soon, but you should be able to use the original documents on the PyUI homepage. There are some differences, so if you have any questions, please ask here or in the help forum if you can't work it out from the code.

    I hope you all have fun with it.

    • crawdad

      crawdad - 2005-05-11

      Thank you very much for reviving/forking this project.
      I'd like to report that I've successfully installed PyUI2 and (once I figured that I had to set friendly permissions to the tree - d'oh!) successfully run the test programs on SuSE Linux9.2.

      I have several problems, small bugs, questions, and observations.
      However, at this stage of the revival, I'm sure you're full-up with all of the would you prefer I handle them?

      (FWIW, I've been programming for decades (mostly Pascal/Delphi/Kylix) but am fairly new to Python, very new to PyGame, and completely unfamiliar with PyUI, much less the new version)

      • Bluecat

        Bluecat - 2005-05-11

        I'm happy that you were able to get PyUI2 working on Linux. I'm currently doing most of the development on Windows and it's great to see that it works on another platform.

        As for bugs, questions, and observations... ask away. I'm happy for you to post on the forums with these sort of things, that's what they're here for, and especially at this stage of the game it's important to get some input. An alternative for bugs is to use the bug submission form that Sourceforge provides, and if you'd like features, there is a feature request form for that.

        Thanks for installing PyUI2, I appreciate your efforts.

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2005-05-27

      Hooray!  I was worried that we wouldn't be able to find a UI for our project (an easy to use Pygame-based game maker).

      I heard that PYUI 1 has been Win32 only in its most recent releases.  Will PYUI 2 have improved cross-platform capabilities?

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2005-05-27

      Scratch that, I didn't read that he got it working on Linux.  Well, keep up the good work! :)

      • Bluecat

        Bluecat - 2005-05-28

        That's cool. PyUI2 along with PyUI is 100 percent pure python, so technically it should run on any platform that provides Python. The caveat to this is that it depends on third party platforms like Pygame or OpenGL, so it won't run on a Python impl without those. But, since you're using Pygame you should be fine.

        Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to verify that it runs on MacOSX Tiger as well. I've been installing it (and Eclipse) on my iBook over the last few hours.



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