PyUI2 without OpenGL (bug report)

  • Patrick Dawson

    Patrick Dawson - 2005-09-26

    The docs claim that you don't need to have PyOpenGL if you're only using the pygame 2D device, but this doesn't work. If I call pyui2.init() without pyopengl installed, there's an ImportError in system/

    The simple fix is just to have a try/except block around the import.

    There's also a typo in test/ "getThemer" should be "getTheme"

    • Bluecat

      Bluecat - 2005-11-03

      Thanks for the heads up Patrick.

      I've fixed the typo, and import PyOpenGL when the user specifies that particular mode. This should still give an ImportError if it's not installed and the user specifies OGL, but it shouldn't throw an exception if other modes that don't require OGL are specified.

      I haven't checked in those changes yet. I'll try and get to that sometime tonight so you can access it through CVS. I'm planning on an 0.2.1 release in the  next week or two that fixes these and a few other bugs.


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