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0.96 release

The 0.96 release of PyUI is out!

applied patch for prefered widget sizes
reduced the number of default imports in pyui.core
added callback handler to console dialog
added menus inside frames
removed unneeded imports in OpenGL renderers
support for mouse cursors
default mouse cursors for buttons, moving and resizing
fixed leaking memory in GL drawing

Posted by Sean Riley 2003-04-13

PyUI source moves to CVS at Source Forge

The PyUI source code has been moved from the perforce repository at Ninjaneering (which was not accessible to the public) to CVS hosting here on source forge.

Posted by Sean Riley 2002-12-23

0.92 release

new release of pyui is up! this is mostly a minor release that includes bug-fixes, and some additional useful dialogs.

Posted by Sean Riley 2002-09-22

documentation on PyUI Themes

Added some basic docs on themes in PyUI. See docs at

Posted by Sean Riley 2002-06-05

0.91 release

The release improves the win32 renderer to a state where it no longer flashes on redraw and interacts with the windows desktop in a much better way.

Posted by Sean Riley 2002-05-29

PyUI 0.9 release.

The 0.9 release of the python based user interface library PyUI is available. This release includes improved renderers for openGL and Win32 and many new features in teh widget set.

Posted by Sean Riley 2002-04-29

new docs

I added some PyUI docs to the web site. Available at

Posted by Sean Riley 2002-03-10

no news

there is now news. testing the news services here at sourceforge.

Posted by Sean Riley 2002-01-09

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