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  • James Bailey

    James Bailey - 2002-04-24

    sorry, I can't find a more direct approach for applying for developer status on this project, so i'll do it here instead.

    I have recently started playing around with pyui, mainly to embed it in HalfLife, which went well, and so far I am very impressed with the project. But is that enough for me? As ever, no, so I want to help.

    First things first I wanted a generic renderer loading mechanism which I have done, if it doesn't recognise the name it just tries to load the given module name, needed because I'm sure that my renderer that works inside HalfLife doesn't really belong as part of pyui...

    Next on my list was sorting out the damn clipping which seems broken on OpenGL, and I have added a clipping stack, so setClipping( None ) removes the last clipping region and restores the one before that, so sub windows and widgets can start to use these functions when convenient.

    I'm also implementing an Edit control, like the Entry control but multiline and with proper scrolling, and to make it nice I have added routines for drawing text with a fixed font.

    So all in all I have quite a lot of work that I either have done or intend to do and would very much like the chance to add this work to the pyui project so long as I don't tread on anyone's toes or go running off in the wrong direction etc.

    I'm CVS trained is someone wants to let me at the repository after suitable screening, otherwise just give me an email address to bombard with diffs, or just tell me to go away and mind my own business  ;-)



    • Sean Riley

      Sean Riley - 2002-04-26

      great! I'd love to have your help on PyUI. I sent email with details to you directly.


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