Software cursors

  • Bob Ippolito

    Bob Ippolito - 2001-05-24

    Software cursor support for 0.2, see patches.
    Works the same both fullscreen and windowed.

    Framerate sucks, I need to optimize but haven't had the chance to redo my optimizations from 0.11.

    Please get these changes into the official tree or something :)  The toggle is there to go between hardware/software cursors, take a close look at and see how to do it.. I have to go home now though.

    • Bob Ippolito

      Bob Ippolito - 2001-05-30

      I see that made it into pyui 0.3 .. but, just curious, when is it gonna be integrated?

      • Sean Riley

        Sean Riley - 2001-05-30

        it was actually integrated in the CVS version prior to the changes made for performance in 0.3. The software cursor needs a little integration work with the new changes...

        I am going to be doing some theme stuff soon too that will deal with mouse cursors - i will probably do it then.

        had some bugs too with the cursor getting stuck in rollover mode... opening/closing windows doesnt call the "return to arrrow cursor" code


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