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Welcome to PythonConsoleLibraryProject!

This library tries to help us to create console (Borl@nd/DOS-like) applications and make it simple for C/C++ Programmers to learn it.

Actually it implements:

atof(s): char to float

btoi(ch): binary to integer

btos(ch): binary to string

charfilter(ch):filter binary or numeric characters to a string

clrscr(n=150):clear screen (n-number of lines for non-*n?x,non-DOS systems)

cmp(a, b): compare

finput(b=""): float input
getarrow(): getkey for arrows only

getch(): c-like getch

gotoxy(x=0,y=0):c-like gotoxy

ink(x=7): font color

input(): raw_input alias for compatibility with python3

isint(x): true if x is an integer

islin (): true if it is a *n?x system

iswin (): true in a M$ system

nceil(x,d=0): ceil round

nfloor(x, d=0):floor round

ninput(): integer input

noalpha(s="c4as."):returns english-numeric-characters only

nround(x, d=0):round a number

paper(x=0): background color

pause(n=0): sleep/wait-for-a-key-pressed pause (ZX Spectrum-like :D)

putchar(ch): print a string to console/stdout

putch(ch): print a character from a string to console/stdout

val(s): converts string/numeric/simbol characters to a float

The wiki uses Markdown syntax.

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