Just an FYI for those that might be impacted by this. I don't think I even have any systems with IE 7 and likely won't, so I'm not sure when I'll get to look into what the issue is. Please provide any info you can if you are using IE 7. I wouldn't be surprised if this is being covered on the wxPython lists as well.


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Summary: not ready for IE7

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PythonCard apps like resource editor and menu editor display symptoms of internet explorer version 7 problems. The location of controls (widgets) is the principal problem. Apps that work ok on windows using internet explorer 6 can display widgets partially or even totally offscreen when that windows computer is "upgraded" to internet explorer 7. Please note that many people do not realize that internet explorer is not just a browser but is integrated into windows like a kidney is integraged into you. 
Version 0.82 of pythoncard works ok on windows xp sp2 with ie6 but has these problems I mentioned above when ie is upgraded to version 7 and version 7 is upgraded automatically using automatic updates, which is the default mode.
I have about four apps that were affected by this "upgrade" of ie6 to ie7. I hope you can fix Python
Card because I really like it. I use a "work around" in the menu editor because even though the bottom button is no longer visible you can tab to it and then press enter.

Paul Breen


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