#53 Layout/font problems with resource editor/samples


I have problems with some of the PythonCard samples,
ie. in the mp3player the buttons almost completely
dissappear at the bottom of the window. Another example
is minimalList which ads an horizontal scrollbar.

This seems to be a PythonCard problem on my Windows
my setup: WinXP, python 2.4.2, wxPython,
pythoncard 0.8.1

some examples:

resourceEditor Property Editor:
- incomplete button at the right bottom

PythonCard Samples:
custdb: http://www.5consulting.com/img/tmp/screen2.jpg
- overlapping fields

dbBrowser: http://www.5consulting.com/img/tmp/screen3.jpg
- database text field only half visible

minimalList: http://www.5consulting.com/img/tmp/screen4.jpg
- horizontal scrollbar shouldn't be there ?

moderator: http://www.5consulting.com/img/tmp/screen5.jpg
- fonts look too big, ie. "Time Left:" does not fit

mp3player: http://www.5consulting.com/img/tmp/screen6.jpg
- buttons disappear at bottom of the window

I also looked at the wxPython samples and they look ok.

After some searching on the internet i found the
following on http://www.wxwindows.org/prepare.htm
concerning preparing for wxWidgets 2:
Be aware that under Windows, *font sizes will change*
to match standard Windows font sizes (for example, a
12-point font will appear bigger than before). Write
your application to be flexible where fonts are
concerned. Don't rely on fonts being similarly-sized
across platforms, as they were (by chance) between
Windows and X under wxWidgets 1.66. Yes, this is not
easy... but I think it's better to conform to the
standards of each platform, and currently the size
difference makes it difficult to conform to Windows UI
standards. You may eventually wish to build in a global
'fudge-factor' to compensate for size differences. The
old font sizing will still be available via wx_setup.h,
so do not panic...
Does that give any clue ?

Ronny De Winter


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