Python-Xlib version 0.15rc1 has been released. In this release:

* Improved support for newer versions of Mac OS X, a couple of new
extensions, and several bugfixes.

** Composite extension

Support for the composite extension, used to implement a composition
manager (added for plcm work in plwm).

By itself this extension is not very useful, it is intended to be used
together with the DAMAGE and XFIXES extensions.  Typically you would
also need RENDER or glX or some similar method of creating fancy

** XF86 special function keysyms

Keysym definitions for special function keys found on modern
keyboards, e.g. raise and lower volume, start specific applications,
etc.  Have a look in Xlib/keysymdef/ to see what there are and
experiment with xev to see what your keyboard generates.  These
definitions aren't brought in by default, so you must do this after
importing Xlib.XK:


** RANDR extension

The RANDR extension complements XINERAMA as a way of getting data about the
physical screens making up a virtual screen in X. An example of usage can
be found in examples/

This release can be downloaded on SourceForge at

David H. Bronke
Vice President of Project Development
G33X Nexus Entertainment

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