I've been trying to bind commands to my media keys using plwm, and I've noticed that the XF86XK_* keysyms don't seem to exist in python-xlib. I took a quick look at the header that contains them (/usr/include/X11/XF86keysym.h) and noticed that all of the symbols listed there have values > 0xFFFF, and all of the symbols which are imported into python-xlib have values <= 0xFFFF. Is there some sort of technical limitation on importing keysyms with values over this number? If so, this is eliminating a large number of useful keysyms, including all media keys and a good number of cyrillic and other language-specific characters.

Is there any way to import these keysyms into python-xlib?

David H. Bronke
Vice President of Project Development
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