The PyPi package has now been renamed:

Seems to be some synchronicity, since this happened not due to the support ticket I submitted but as part of a larger PyPi database cleanup.


On 27 May 2013 18:11, Guyzmo <> wrote:

    I'm working on a little project  that  aims  to  make  a  kivy based
gesture utility ( There, I'm  using the
python-xlib library to make interactions with Xorg.

    I'm really thanking you guys for all the work that has been put into
that library, because it really works well, even though sometimes  a bit
complex ;-).

    But here am I posting on this mailing list, because I have  been the
one who asked about the `Python Xlib` pypi package  name  problem, which
shall be resolved through the `distutils-sig` mailing-list:

    All I wanted is to have a clean dependancy in the for pypi,
and also for packaging system.

    I also ran into another  problem.  I  wanted  to  test  xinput stuff
(because I'd like to disable scroll wheels when  more  than  two touches
are detected). There is no xinput in the official SVN repository:

    But while googling, I found out on  about  the following
repository, which has xinput stuff!

    So, here am I asking if it wouldn't be a good idea to switch  to git
or mercurial repositories that help track forks and branches ? It  would
help for these kind of situations. It would also help so people can make
forks/branches on github or bitbucket...



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