I've run into an error when running xrandr.py, and I'm not sure how to go about fixing it... Here's the error that occurs:

Output 149 info:
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "xrandr.py", line 179, in <module>
  File "xrandr.py", line 121, in __init__
    self.pp.pprint(self.d.xrandr_get_output_info(output, resources['config_timestamp'])._data)
  File "/home/whitelynx/devel/python-xlib/trunk/examples/../Xlib/ext/randr.py", line 462, in get_output_info
  File "/home/whitelynx/devel/python-xlib/trunk/examples/../Xlib/protocol/rq.py", line 1428, in __init__
  File "/home/whitelynx/devel/python-xlib/trunk/examples/../Xlib/protocol/rq.py", line 1440, in reply
    self._display.send_and_recv(request = self._serial)
  File "/home/whitelynx/devel/python-xlib/trunk/examples/../Xlib/protocol/display.py", line 547, in send_and_recv
    gotreq = self.parse_response(request)
  File "/home/whitelynx/devel/python-xlib/trunk/examples/../Xlib/protocol/display.py", line 634, in parse_response
    gotreq = self.parse_request_response(request) or gotreq
  File "/home/whitelynx/devel/python-xlib/trunk/examples/../Xlib/protocol/display.py", line 720, in parse_request_response
  File "/home/whitelynx/devel/python-xlib/trunk/examples/../Xlib/protocol/rq.py", line 1452, in _parse_response
    self._data, d = self._reply.parse_binary(data, self._display, rawdict = 1)
  File "/home/whitelynx/devel/python-xlib/trunk/examples/../Xlib/protocol/rq.py", line 1280, in parse_binary
    return self.parse_binary(data, display, rawdict)
  File "<string>", line 15, in parse_binary
  File "/home/whitelynx/devel/python-xlib/trunk/examples/../Xlib/protocol/rq.py", line 489, in parse_binary_value
    v = struct.unpack(scode, data[pos: pos + slen])
struct.error: unpack requires a string argument of length 4

We could easily just put a try/except around it, but that doesn't really solve the problem that the call is failing. Does anyone have an idea on how to debug this?

I'm running Arch Linux (fully updated as of a few days ago), Xorg-server 1.10.3, and Python 2.7.2.