I am having a few issues running Xlib on Mac.

First of all I've downloaded version 0.14 from sourceforge, but after installing it says it's version 0.12.

When calling Xlib.display.Display() I get an error that the display is not valid:
Xlib.error.DisplayNameError: Bad display name "/tmp/launch-sJ26WT/:0"

Last time I asked about this I got this response:

I submitted a patch for this, and it was applied last July:


Perhaps there hasn't been a release since then?


It seems it's still not fixed.
I got it to initialize by using :0 as the display string.

Another issue is that X11 needs to be running before anything happens. Would it be possible to start X11 automatically, like normal X11 applications do?

The most important problem is now that I can't send or receive events. I don't get any error, but nothing happens.
Could this be related to the display I'm using(:0 instead of /tmp/launch-sJ26WT/:0), or is this just an incompatibility with Mac?

My code is at http://code.google.com/p/pymouse/source/browse/trunk/unix.py