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Release of python_webdav 0.5

Release 0.5 of python_webdav is available for download! This release includes some changes to the API documentation, along with some additional features and test coverage. Also added are some code examples which can be found in the docs/examples directory of the tarball,

This is still Beta software and so no guarantees can be made about its completeness. As such any bug/annoyance reports, comments and criticisms are welcome!

Posted by ScaryClam 2010-07-27

Changed XML parser (again) among other things

I've been at Europython 2010 all week and have been lucky enough to have time to do some development. As such I've replaced the use of expat (XML parser) with lxml as it seems much nicer to use and is less likely to break if a webdav reply is not quite standards compliant. Hopefully by the end of the week I'll have made other tweaks, improvements and fixes so I can make a proper release. The documentation (which is currently woefully out of date) will not get a real update this week though.

Posted by ScaryClam 2010-07-21

License Change

Moved from the GPLv2 to the MIT license to be more permissive. If you require any sort of special licensing terms, get in touch!

Posted by ScaryClam 2010-07-21

New version is in SVN

A new version has been added to SVN that allows for directory listings to be retrieved. The is also now a simple shell example, albeit a bit buggy.

Posted by ScaryClam 2010-06-16


I have started to tidy up the modules and classes to try and make it clearer what should be doing which job. I've also been having a general code clean up in order to get a better release out and to help highlight what still needs to be done.

Posted by ScaryClam 2010-02-25

Started using differnt XML parser

The xml parsing library used is not the best fit for the project so efforts have started to migrate to a different library (xml.parsers.expat). It's going well but I don't have much spare time to get it in place just now.

Posted by ScaryClam 2010-02-11

Uploaded first files

Uploaded initial files for the project. Everything is still pretty much in the alpha stage so there is no yet.

The current state of the project is that it is usable as a simple WebDAV client library.

Posted by ScaryClam 2010-01-10

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