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Pubble release has over 500 downloads in first week

Python-ps3 is a games library for the PS3 which allows games programming using python. It's still gaining features on a week-by-week basis, but already has support for large numbers of alpha-blended sprites and audio mixing allowing large numbers of sound effects to be played simultaneously including support for background music or even streamed internet radio. There have been a number of demo games provided with python-ps3, but the first that really shows off the power of the library is Pubble, a Puzzle Bobble clone. ... read more

Posted by Ranulf Doswell 2007-11-03

python-ps3 now has a working bootloader and new example game

python-ps3 0.2.7 is a fairly major release milestone - all the bugs that I know of are now fixed and all the items on the TODO list are feature enhancements.

There has been a substantial reworking the the PPU->SPU communication which resulting in much higher performance and I have fixed a serious memory leak in the streamed audio routines.

The biggest feature is the bootloader release, as incorporated into pubble 0.2.8. More documentation will be added on how this works, but the upshot is that it's easy to distribute additional games or demos as a single file which can be installed on a USB memory stick. The bootloader automatically detects these archives and adds them to the boot menu. ... read more

Posted by Ranulf Doswell 2007-10-20

0.1.8 adds support for sprites

Starting from 0.1.8 you no longer have to manually re-draw the screen from your main loop but can instead use sprites.

The system maintains a list of sprites to be rendered each frame, so a typical main loop only needs to call Graphics.render() to draw all of its sprites onto the screen in the correct order (yes, you can order sprites arbitrarily).

A couple of other issues have been resolved, for instance it's now possible to draw something that is partially or wholly off-screen.... read more

Posted by Ranulf Doswell 2007-07-07

python-ps3 get sound support in version 0.1.4

The latest release adds sound support in a simple but nice way. As many samples as desired can be played concurrently and a background thread mixes and resamples them as appropriate.

The library can now be considered to be "minimally functional" complete, as it offers support for fast blitting, controller input and sound. So, most things are now possible and future development will contiue to add features and simplify common tasks (like sprite lists, etc).

Posted by Ranulf Doswell 2007-05-26

SPU blitting now supported

Version 0.1.2 adds initial support for blitting using the SPUs and drastically increases the speed.

Users of the previous releases are encouraged to upgrade as soon as possible!

Posted by Ranulf Doswell 2007-05-03